Frequently Asked Questions

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My item doesn't have a tag attached, why is that?

Karabootique is a small business and often a one woman operation. Sometimes new items are not tagged when they are received from our supplier before they are sent out to you! Rest assure the items you receive are new and unworn! 

What is a Pop Up Shop and how do I book? 

Karabootique loves to be interactive with our customer base! A Pop Up Shop is when KBT merchandise is brought to you! If you want to book, simply call or email! KBT will bring items for you to personally browse, or invite your friends and make it an event! 

We want KBT at our charity event, how do we enlist participation? 

Karabootique is happy to give back! We participate in a shop to donate program. KBT will set up at your philanthropic event and donate back 10% of the daily sales to your organization! Email or call to book! 

How do I keep up with new arrivals at KBT? 

Karabootique loves social media! We post new styles and looks on instagram and facebook weekly! Check the icons at the bottom of the website for a direct link to our social media pages.